Like a lot of moms out there my days are all about multitasking. Husband, kids, house, cooking, finances, shopping, homework, my own work… and constantly thinking about what kind of parent I want to be.

For me, it’s a constant struggle to balance my children and their activities, my company, this blog and social media, ongoing projects, recipe development, reading in my spare time, keeping up with the house and laundry… in one word: SuperGlue! Some days, a deep breath is all I can do to keep it together.

I am a mother of three young children. I  was born in Spain and raised on homemade food from my grandmother’s kitchen.  My Abuela Maruja’s passion for fresh ingredients built the foundation and appreciation for wholesome food.  Some of my fondest memories are cooking and baking in Abuela’s kitchen, my grandfather’s fresh eggs, and our daily family dinners.

In grad school, I fell in love with a Southern Man and the rest, as they say, is history.  I am a mom of two very picky eaters, a baby who eats everything in sight and a woman who gave up her corporate job for 5 years to raise a family and has returned to work from home. I can be found singing along in the car with the kids, at the park, on Twitter and always drinking a good Café au Lait.

My extensive travel through Spain ignited my love for Tapas, or small plates. This love for fresh food in small bites has helped me create fun, convenient ways to feed my kids good food.  My company, MOMables is helping thousands of parents world wide feed their children wholesome fresh food.  If you need school lunch ideas for your picky eaters, hop on over and visit the site.

This blog is my personal space. I write about motherhood, our family meals and sometimes, the struggles of a solo entrepreneur. I am no super-mom… I’m just really good at looking like I have it all together.


Mama SuperGlue